Update: Wait List Is Open for the 2016 Season

Apologies for the late start! We are pleased to announce that the Central Brooklyn CSA is back for 2016 and officially open for registration via the following link: Central Brooklyn CSA Member Registration

Update: The registration period has now ended– if you missed the deadline and would like to be added to the wait list, please send an email to centralbrooklyncsa@gmail.com

Please note that your share is not reserved until we receive your full payment or deposit as is applicable.

As in years past, pick up will occur on Thursdays from 5.00pm – 7.30pm at the Hebron SDA Church, 1296 Dean Street, Brooklyn.

Stay tuned for confirmation of exact pick up dates commencing in June and how you can order additional products, such as meat and condiments, from Lewis Waite Farm.

Again, thank you for your patience and dedication to the CBCSA. We have an exciting year ahead as we transition to an independent CSA. We’re in the process of organizing a core group to orchestrate administrating the CSA and need your help. Consider putting your talents to good use by volunteering to join the CBCSA Core Team! Message me if you’re interested in learning more.

Looking forward to a great season!

CBCSA Windflower Farm Open House – THIS WEEKEND!

Hi Everyone,

The Windflower Farm Open House is this weekend! We hope you’re planning join your fellow CBCSA friends in beautiful Upstate New York. Here are the logistics:

When: Saturday, August 27 – Sunday, August 28
What: Tours of Windflower Farm, Potluck Dinner, Live Music, Bonfire and Camping

Where: 585 Meeting House Rd, Valley Falls, NY 12185

RSVP: tedblomgren@gmail.com

Bring: Your camping gear to make a night of it on Windflower Farm and a dish to share at Saturday night’s potluck dinner

How: Share spare car seats or a need for one on our special car pool link: cbcsa

Hope to see you there!

CBCSA WEEK #11 (A): News from Windflower Farm

Hi Everyone,

IMPORTANT DETAILS about the Farm Weekend below! Make sure to RSVP to the Windflower Farm directly by emailing the number in your party to tedblomgren@gmail.com.

Also, don’t forget to share spare seats or need for one on our special car pool link: cbcsa

News from Windflower Farm

11th Distribution, Week of August 15th, 2016

This week’s share:

Snap Beans

Romaine Lettuce

Sweet Corn





Red Cabbage

Basil or Parsley

Squashes or Cucumbers

Andrea’s haiku this week is an ode to intertwined carrots and can be found on Instagram.

Please come: Open House at Windflower Farm, August 27-28. More information can be found below.

At least once every year, and more than that if something interesting like barn-building is going on, I mount the old Woods backhoe onto my John Deere 6400. This weekend’s backhoe work had to do with relocating our outhouses to fresh earth, which I do about now every year because our open house takes place at the end of August and Jan likes them to be fresh. And so I spent a good part of the day yesterday, between downpours and flashes of lightning, digging away. And Jan and Nate spent the day re-leveling, cleaning and decorating the newly relocated structures. In total, we relocated three outhouses. The procedure is straightforward: I put the pallet forks on a second tractor, a John Deere 5425, and lifted the outhouses off their old foundations and out of the way. I then dug new holes with the 6400, placing the fresh soil removed from the new holes into the old holes. I then smoothed the soil, sowed grass seeds and mulched with straw. In a month or two, you’ll have few clues that something sat there before. Because there was more fresh soil coming out of the new holes than needed to refill the old ones, I distributed the soil to a new flower bed beneath Jan’s studio windows. I then used the 5425 to set the outhouses in their new locations. And after a few minutes with a level, a pry bar and some shims, the outhouses are ready for another year. As I write, Jan is completing the project with new lighting.

Outhouse relocation marks the beginning of preparations for our open house – an event to which you are all invited. Each year for the past ten or so, more than 100 CSA members from the city come visit the farm and either camp in one of our fields or stay in a nearby B&B. We open our farm to you, as a member of our CSA, because we want you to know where your vegetables, cut flowers, eggs and some of your fruit comes from. We’d like you to have the chance to learn how your shares are grown, and who is actually performing the work. The event takes place over two days. On Saturday, you’ll set up your tents, tour the farm, sample local beers and wines, enjoy a potluck supper (please bring a dish to pass), listen to live music, hang out around a bonfire or play board games, and gaze at the stars made possible by a dark night sky. Please BYOB. On Sunday, we will serve you a farm breakfast comprised of the freshest eggs you’ve ever had, blueberry pancakes and other farm goodies. After breakfast, and after camp has been broken, we’ll tour some neighboring farms. You might visit the Davis Farm, where your eggs are produced. You might visit the Borden farm, makers of an excellent apple cider, and now home to the county’s first robotic milking parlor. There are four vineyards within three miles of here and a Sunday farmers’ market to visit. There is an excellent river to swim in and beautiful, quite roads to bike on. And there is the Washington County Fair, which has carnival rides, fair food, and all kinds of livestock and farm-related exhibitions. Please consider joining us for the weekend.

If you plan on attending, please RSVP with the number in your party to tedblomgren@gmail.com.

Have a great week, Ted

CBCSA WEEK #10 (B): News from Windflower Farm

Hi Everyone,

A quick note about pets at distribution: Unfortunately, non-service pets are not allowed at Hebron SDA Church. Please leave your pets at home or with a friend/partner outside the church. The church runs a food pantry/kitchen and it is against code to have animals in/around the areas (including our distribution site) where food is stored/prepared/eaten.

News from Windflower Farm below and more details pertaining to the Farm Weekend, August 27-28, to come later in the week. Time to start dusting off your tents and sleeping bags and organize a car pool to Upstate New York! Don’t forget to share any spare seats or need for one on our special car pool link: cbcsa

News from Windflower Farm

10th Distribution, Week of August 8th, 2016

This week’s share:







Sweet corn

Broccoli or Onions, depending on the site

Cabbage or Cucumbers, depending on the site

Much to our surprise and good fortune, many of the members of our staff keep coming back each year, several for as many as nine, ten and eleven years, representing a significant investment in our farm and a growing reservoir of know-how about how the farm functions. So, to make it a more interesting work experience for them and to make a better farm for all of us, we created a series of coordinating roles. Andrea, who you have probably heard from, is our membership coordinator. She also works on another small farm (to keep it interesting) and runs a micro-size herb farm of her own (to make sure there is never a dull moment). Victoria is our distribution coordinator. Hers is the only position that is not new. She is the mother of two, an avid homesteader and beer maker, and keeps the packing shed interesting with all kinds of word games. We always have a small number of newcomers, and they start by working under Victoria’s supervision in the packing shed. This year’s team includes Mallory, Kristoffer, Dagny and Wyatt. The starting wage on the farm is $12/hour.

Salvador is our weeding coordinator. He is the one who showed up with his brother-in-law one day ten years ago and said, “you really need our help.” And I did! And our farm has been forever improved by his and his family’s presence here. His wife, Candelaria, who works by his side every day, makes incredible tamales. Martin, Salvador’s brother-in-law, is our harvest coordinator. He comes to us from Mexico each year with his wife and Martin Jr., the oldest of his five children. Martin is expanding his own farm in the mountainous country southwest of Mexico City, and we talk a great deal about growing onions and cabbages (his biggest cash crops) and farm economics. They also grow corn, beans and squash, the three sister crops that sustain the family. Sara is our social media coordinator. Her dad’s chickens produce the eggs in your egg share and his maple trees are the source of the syrup that are sometimes in winter shares. She is our chief transplant tractor driver and Jan’s partner in pulling together your flower share. She is also a photographer and potter. Mack coordinates our cooler. She began working here as a kid, just graduated with a fine arts degree from FIT, and is now looking for a job in interior design.

Nate, my oldest son, is our payroll coordinator (which makes him quite popular) and our soil health coordinator. He has embraced cover cropping as the foundation of soil management here (his fields of oats and peas are impressive). Naomi is our delivery coordinator. She is the one that site coordinators get a call from when our truck is stuck behind a double-parked Fresh Direct van and will be late. Jan is my farming partner and wife of 25 years. She is in charge of flowers and serves as the general manager around here. What is left for me to do, you might ask? Well, much less, of course, but, in delegating these chores I am able to do a better job with my key chore, producing a good harvest. I focus on greenhouse scheduling, field preparation and pest management. No small business survives if its owner cannot build a good team and delegate, and that is what I am trying to do. I plan to farm for another fifteen years or so, but when I leave the farm, I’d like it not to skip a beat.

Have a great week, Ted

Carpool to the CBCSA Windflower Farm Weekend

Hi Everyone,

The CBCSA Windflower Farm Weekend is later THIS MONTH! August 27-28, to be exact. Let us tell you from personal experience you do not want to miss it! More details to come regarding this year’s activities, but in the past this family friendly event has included tours of the property, a potluck dinner featuring goodies from other local farms, breweries and the like, bonfires and music, camping and a big, scrumptious breakfast the next morning.

We recognize that getting out of the city might be an issue, so we’ve set up a carpool ride app to enable the fortunate and willing few to share spare seats they have in their cars. Those in need of a ride can also register their interest in obtaining a seat by joining the "wait list." Click here to share your seats or express a need for one: https://www.groupcarpool.com/t/xmh2dv

Interested in sharing a rental car? Email the CBCSA family at cbcsa to see if anyone’s willing to share the ride (and cost) to Windflower Farm.

Hope to see you all there!

CBCSA Core Group

CBCSA WEEK #6 (B): News from Windflower Farm

Hi Everyone,
News below from Windflower Farm. Don’t forget to SAVE THE DATE for a weekend at the Farm, August 27-28. More details to come later.

Be well!

CBCSA Core Group

News from Windflower Farm

6th Distribution, Week of July 11, 2016

Hello from a cool and wet Windflower Farm! Although the week promises to heat up, a welcome rain over the weekend has cooled things down, wetted the earth, and given our crops a break from an otherwise dry season.

This week’s share:

Leaf Lettuce

Cucumbers and squashes


Garlic Scapes and onions

Your choice between Swiss Chard and Lacinato Kale

Hakurei Turnips and the underappreciated purple kohlrabi

The last of the potted herbs on Tuesday and bunched parsley on Thursday

This week marks the end of the first quarter of the distribution season. It’s the time when cool, early-season vegetables give way to the vegetables of summer. Our tomatoes are beginning. Don’t expect to see many (or any) this week, but they’ll begin to yield in quantity very soon. Our sweet corn is just around the corner, and peppers, red cabbages, garlic and basil, too, will be coming in. This is the beginning of an especially wonderful time of year in the Northeast to be a plant eater!

Blueberries will be in your fruit shares this week. I suspect that this will be the last week of fruit prior to our midseason break. Pete, our fruit grower, told me that crows have found his blueberry patch – counting more than 80 in one flock – and that they were doing considerable damage. Exasperated, he pulled out his double-barrel shotgun. When he pulled the trigger, the butt of the gun somehow slipped slightly on his shoulder, resting wrongly on a soft part of muscle, and causing him quite a bit of grief. He has been icing it all morning. All told, he killed just one crow. The other 79 circled their dead relative and buzzed him, causing Pete to retreat to his truck. He told me that it was the first time in his long farming career that he ever shot at a bird and doubts whether he’ll ever do it again. Jan made a delicious pie last weekend with her blueberries and was not surprised at all to learn of the crow’s fondness for them.

Flower shares will be bunches of snapdragons and calendula and miscellaneous other flowers.

We love collard wraps. Nate has picked out a recipe that appears to use virtually everything in this week’s share all wrapped up in collard leaves – see below. He and I will be using our “steerable cultivator” later today on some new lettuce and broccoli plantings. I’ll post a photo on our Instagram page later today. Please visit our Facebook and Instagram (@windflowerfarm) pages to learn more about the farm.

Have a great week! Ted

Central Brooklyn CSA

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Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/CBCSA

Web: https://centralbrooklyncsa.wordpress.com/

CBCSA WEEK #5 (A): News

Hi Everyone,

A few announcements about this week’s pick up:

  • No News From Windflower Farm: No news this week from Windflower Farm, which likely means Farmer Ted and his crew are very hard at work. We’ll keep you informed as soon as we hear something.
  • Fruit Refunds: checks will be distributed this week to all members who originally signed up for fruit shares. Make sure to ask for yours if we neglect to give it to you when you sign in.
  • CBCSA Waitlist: know someone who missed out on signing up for this year’s CBCSA? They might be in luck! A very limited number of shares are up for the taking at a prorated rate for the rest of the season. Have interested individuals email centralbrooklyncsa with their name, email and phone number if they’re interested in hearing more.

See you tomorrow!


CBCSA Core Group

CBCSA WEEK #4 (B): NO News from Windflower Farm

Hi Everyone,

We hope you all are well and enjoying the spoils of your CBCSA shares! A few announcements and notes:

  • No News Yet: we haven’t heard yet from the farm about the contents of this week’s share, but we are imagining it will be similar to last week. Enjoy!
  • Fruit Refunds: checks will be distributed this week and next to all members who originally signed up for fruit shares. Make sure to ask for yours if we neglect to give it to you when you sign in.
  • Volunteer Commitment: every CBCSA share is required to volunteer for 2 distribution shifts or another approved activity (ask us if you have an idea or desire to help with events, outreach, etc) during the season. CBCSA cannot run without the commitment of its members, so please sign up soon if you haven’t done so already. It’s the embodiment of the “community” aspect of community shared agriculture (csa) and a great way to meet fellow members. Consider signing up for 2 shifts in a row on the same day if you want to fulfill your requirement all at once. Here’s how you sign up:
    1. Click this link to go to our invitation page on VolunteerSpot: http://vols.pt/qEuFJX
    2. Enter your email address: (You will NOT need to register an account on VolunteerSpot)
    3. Sign up! Choose your spots – VolunteerSpot will send you an automated confirmation and reminders. Easy!
  • Egg/Fruit Cartons: please return cartons at your next pick up. Windflower Farm recycles them for future distributions
  • Unable to pick up your share? Email cbcsa to swap with or have another CBCSA member pick it up for you. Friends and family are also welcome to pick up your share. Unclaimed shares are donated to the church’s food pantry at the end of each distribution.

Lastly, stay tuned for a separate email from Lewis Waite Farm CSA about ordering specialty products (meats, cheeses, breads, jams and the like). Lewis Waite delivers on B weeks and allows you to place orders up to a few days in advance, which is perfect for those last minute summer picnics and barbecues!

See you soon!


CBCSA Core Group