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No need to put yourself in a pickle with rotting fruits and vegetables: Adopt these fruit and veggie storage best practices

That vegetables and fruits are most delicious and nutritious when eaten at peak ripeness, is something we know. Synchronizing our schedules with the fruit and vegetables ripening can be a challenge; strategizing can be eased and conducted most efficiently by using storage appropriate for each of the different items in our farm-share. Some basic tips follow; please … Continue reading

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Meet our Members, Elizabeth and Ernie

Elizabeth’s Italian grandmother calls the CSA “the Communism.” “How’s the Communism?” she asks, phoning from her own vegetable garden in Long Island. “The Communism” is doing fine, replies Elizabeth. No doubt her affirmative answer is accompanied by a smile as warm as that with which she recounts the exchange. The Communism has been a topic of … Continue reading