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Sign Up for Your CBCSA Share for the 2013 CSA Season!


We want to remind you that it’s time to purchase your CSA share and help us focus on building our CBCSA community for the 2013 season!

In an effort to make purchasing shares more convenient, this season we are happy to provide you with 2ways of purchasing your share online. If you would like to purchase your share in full using a credit card go here (Sold Out). Please note that if you choose to pay with a credit card, the share prices reflect additional credit card fees. If you prefer to pay by check or money order, or if you are purchasing a share with your Food Stamp/SNAP benefits, go here (Sold Out).

We love to offer our members as many options as we can, when we can, so if you prefer downloading, completing and then mailing in your membership agreement, please go ahead: CBCSA Membership Agreement Form 2013. (Wait list Only)

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2 thoughts on “Sign Up for Your CBCSA Share for the 2013 CSA Season!

    • Hi! Yes, we are offering flower and egg shares this year. Once folks have signed up for vegetable shares we will send them a form for the other shares being offered this year. Note: you have to purchase a half or full share of vegetables in order to purchase other shares (including fruit and egg).

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